Circular No.1 Committee Constitution

Circular No 2 Committee Members


Pharmacovigilance Committee:-

OLD LIST--for Current (Dec 2015 onwards see lower end of this page


 1.   Chairman: Dean, P.D.U. Medical College, Rajkot (Dr. M.R.Mehta)

 2.   Co-coordinator: HOD Pharmacology (Dr. Anil Singh) 

 3.   Members:

a.    Med. Superintendant (Dr. D.J.Vatsraj)

b.    HOD Pharmacology (Dr. Anil Singh)

c.    HOD Microbiology (Dr. G. U. Kavathia)

d.    HOD Surgery (Dr. J.G. Bhatt)

e.    HOD Dermatology (Dr. N. Bhuptani)

f.    HOD Paediatrics (Dr. Y. Parikh)

g.   Asso. Prof. Pharmacology (Dr. Bharti Kareliya)

h.   Pharmacy store I/C M. O. (Dr. J. Nahvani)

i.      Nursing SUperintendant (Mr. Jhankhariya)



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